A trans update

This post isn’t for everyone; I will be discussing topics that some people might not like, such as genitals, libido, emotions, etc. If you know me IRL, please don’t read… for all that is good.

Hey everyone, been a while since I’ve talked about my transition, So let’s talk about it!

So if you were unaware, on February 2nd I got my T-blocker, just 3 months ago, let’s talk about the changes that have happened since then.

When I started estrogen, my testicles did shrink, and my libido more or less stayed the same. About 3 weeks after I got my implant, my libido went way down, with no random erections or morning wood. My testicles shrunk about 35% more than when I started E (when I began Estrogen 1 year ago, they had shrunk about 5-7% of their original size).

While we are on the topic of testicles… We’re all humans here right? 👽 We all like to pull the padge, flick the bean, tickle the toad, that last one I made up. But we all like to masturbate right, well I used to, but it went from high to very very low, so when I do end up masturbating it takes me a while to finish and when I do it is very disappointing not much pleasure, so I just stopped doing it.

My emotions are also out of control; very small things make me burst into tears, and even someone (My Emily) saying something cute or funny can make me sob. I hate crying because I’m an ugly crier, and I grew up not showing my emotions, so I’m still learning how to express them. 😎

Anywho This post was weird to make, due to the things I’m talking about, but I thought for other trans lasses out there this could be helpful insight into the transition process from someone who has started it.

Also Happy May 4th :3

I am the creator of the worst. Gal on the brink of a mental breakdown trying to hold it together. Join me as I riot!

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