The Problems With Anonymity

CSAM: Child Sexual Abuse Material
TOR: The Onion Router 

I and almost everyone want to be “Anonymous,” but I don’t think we’ve stopped to think should we be anonymous. I fight for anonymity from the government and corporate conglomerates because surface-level keeping all of your shit private from those entities sounds like a win-win. But when you move from moral to immoral privacy, you start to change your tune.


Image showing multiple Tor circuits
From the browser to Spain, Estonia, and Germany.

If you think that your browser is private wait until you use Tor. This browser poses a serious dilemma, Because not only is it Anonymous, but it is Untraceable, When you close the browser it wipes all of the data clean as if you never did anything. With untraceable anonymity comes crime, Mainly the “Dark Web.” In most cases, you won’t end up on the dark web unless you’re looking for it, but you will reach the “Deep Web.” Tor allows you to reach a TLD that you can’t reach on any other browser called .onion (because onions have layers and so does the internet). Just by me going onto the deep web I was already able to find Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, MDMA, and Meth. But hard drugs aren’t the worst thing you will find, I’m talking about CSAM, untraceable anonymity brings out the worst in our society, including sexual predators who don’t want to get caught.

In my opinion, Tor is a dangerous tool that is mainly used by criminals.

But all is not bad Numerous, Tor-related services have shut down recently, including but not limited to Anonfiles and Bayfiles. These sites were used heavily to distribute Child pornography. Some other sites require investigation by a government entity, like,,,,, and I have verified with my sources that these sites are currently allowing child pornography to not only be uploaded but also be downloaded, This is most likely unknown to them, but for some, it is very well known but not being dealt with swiftly like it should be.

One of the main hosting providers for Tor sites (<Lolek> Hosted) was raided and seized, It has been verified that they hosted many servers for sites that were distributing CSAM.

I am the creator of the worst. Gal on the brink of a mental breakdown trying to hold it together. Join me as I riot!

2 Remarks on “The Problems With Anonymity

    1. Great question, I Guess I could’ve explained it, it’s very simple to bypass CSAM detectors when it comes to temporary file-sharing sites, This can be done in a few ways. The main way is a password-protected archive, like a .zip, or .7z and when setting a password they pick something complex so it cant be easily decrypted.
      Real-world example d_BQACAgUAAxkBEEerJmTVz4k_yxzxKNL_XIwWrQwNQduZAAJuCgAClYupVmS9_SmqYmPOMAQ
      Another way is with GPG file encryption this is most uncommon but still has been seen in the wild.
      Hope this clears that up.

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