Banned VPNs

UPDATE: I will be reversing the ban on VPNs due to logistical concerns.

I’ve been dealing with anti-trans, anti-gay, and zionist links being made on, so to combat this, I have banned every single VPN from creating links. This doesn’t mean that if you use a VPN, you won’t be able to access short URLs; it just means you can’t use our Front-end or API to create links.

Here is the list of banned IP addresses

I am the creator of the worst. Gal on the brink of a mental breakdown trying to hold it together. Join me as I riot!

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  1. No no! Links needed but you not reason why!!
    Links for education but always deleted. VPN for protection.

    Unlike west. Living in country where criticizing Islam = bad for us! + jail time!
    Israel people not allowed to travel to where we live. If leave Islam = jailed and whipped.
    Gay and LGBT = not allowed. Can be jailed to.

    Links for people to know TRUTH and you delete. Very sad.

    Why you attack west and jews on blog and delete links? You have freedom – even if criticized. We do not have same.

    Links where Islam sites – people can find out what its like during in ramadan. Many not know truth! But no mention.

    …you blog for palestine?! lol. only country in middle east where is safe = israel for lgbt!!

    privilege for us not equal.

    Eng = not best.

    1. Links for education are allowed on my shortener, and I agree that VPNs for protection are a great thing, but for my services, I no longer allow them.

      I never once criticized Islam, not once. I do not agree with most things in Islam, but I have never criticized it.

      When did I attack Jews? Never.

      Let’s talk about freedom. This website is verified to be blocked in 57 places, so don’t tell me about freedom.

      One link for Ramadan was made; it was deleted in error. Call it collateral damage. I will work to reinstate it later today. The other links that were made were anti-LGBTQ, and I reserve the right to remove them.

      I made one post for Palestine. I am very much aware of the criminalization of LGBTQ people in Palestine, but regardless of laws, I think that bombs being dropped on children and humanitarian relief is really, really bad. Also, the latter is a war crime.

      If you want to come to my site and try to spread a message that is not true, at least have the guts to use your name.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to OGS with this email [email protected].

      The VPN ban will stay in effect until further notice.

      1. Just wanted to give you a nod on what you’re laying down. Your turf, your rules, right? I’m with ya on the whole educational links vibe but drawing the line at VPNs. Safety first and all that.

        Those misunderstandings about your views on Islam and Jews? Fair bit annoying, eh? Good on ya for clearing that up.

        Freedom’s a tricky one, ain’t it? Shame your site’s copping it in so many places, but it speaks volumes about what you’re putting out there.

        Good to hear you’re sorting out that Ramadan link hiccup. And giving the boot to those anti-LGBTQ links? Top stuff, mate.

        Your support for Palestine ain’t going unnoticed. It’s rough seeing bombs dropping on innocent kids, no matter how you slice it.

        And yeah, spot on about accountability. If someone’s gonna have a yarn, they should be straight up about it.

        Keep on keepin’ on, mate. Got your back all the way.

  2. Cannot use real name. Jail risk. Also VPN!

    With Israel – 5000+ rockets killings from Palestine. Israel offered over 95% of all land and 2-state – both rejected. Palestine wants 100%. Lack of info in post = critic.

    “I never once criticized Islam” – different is you can. Links show ppl what is like in islamic land in asia. To show ppl we live under. Islam = no gay or lgbt.

    Links = educate not hate. You saw hate. :'(

    Not ur enermy – wanted to show friends what we have.

    enjoy freedom – hope for same one day! :3

    1. I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding, but are you Palestinian or Israeli? Do you agree with Islam’s treatment of LGBTQ+ people? Do you agree with the bombings of humanitarian aid and innocent civilians by Israeli forces? These are all things that I do not know, so I take the moderation of those links at face value.

      1. The poster is from Asia perhaps(?) south east and is arguing several points: the state within his own country does not contain religious liberty and as such Islam (the predominant or state religion) enforces rules by which going against Islamic values is punishable by imprisonment and brutal punishment. Their point is that in comparison your ability to post about Israel without consequence is a result of freedom of speech laws. Going from this they argue that in Israeli society you are protected even though you are a minority whereas in Islam you would be killed. They conflate your point about Palestine to “hating Jews” because the many Jews of the diaspora don’t count… because an attack on a state is in their logic an attack on the religion of Judaism. He is also referencing the two state solution in which they argue that because Palestine refuses to share their land that present actions there are justifiable? I honestly have no idea what point they are trying to make as to why a native population wouldn’t share their land. Of course he cites stats and I will assume they are true for the sake of nuance though admittedly they provide no sources. Never mind the point that Israel does not allow same sex marriage (although they do authenticate and accept foreign marriage certificates). The false equivalency of arguing that because Israel has better rights for minorities then we should support ongoing military efforts in Gaza because of neighbouring Arab countries and their own internal politics is nonsensical. If you can only pick a side if they adhere to your every moral standing then I think you would find it very hard to support anything let alone go against brutal military action in Gaza.

        1. Ty = 42! = SE Asia – strict laws. Ty for 99%! :3

          SA = not Palestinian. not Israel. Islam treatment = bad. Links point to bad – educate not hate. Freedom + critic = no. Israel = better + not perfect.

          Bombings = P or I = bad. 2-state = better!

        2. Preach 42! Thanks for helping clear that up. I still have no clue what point they are trying to make. It seems like it’s going in circles with a sprinkle of informal fallacies 🤪

          It could also be the language barrier preventing me from fully understanding the things they are trying to talk about, but I don’t know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          1. They are admittedly going a bit in circles and seems to have missed the finer details of what we are saying, this is of course not their fault as they are not of native English proficiency and such shortcomings are natural – if it were the other way round we would similarly struggle. I see this argument a lot however and find it interesting how people will use the pretext of LGBT rights within countries as a justification as to why you should/shouldn’t support their regime. On a fundamental level, sure! Israel has much better protection of these minority groups within the region – barring the obvious problems of everyday discrimination and a generally more culturally right wing society for reasons that are beyond the scope of a forum post – but this does not then mean we should turn our backs on the starving masses, the oppressed, the unheard. There are LGBT people in Palestine and yes they do face discrimination from political systems in Palestine, but Israel doesn’t discriminate where it drops bombs; you won’t hear LGBT Palestinians come out and support Israel because they’ve not bombed their house. In the most macabre sense of the word there is equality in communal suffering under Israeli bombing. So when i hear the argument that I should support Israel for their limited progressive views I cannot stomach the idea that to achieve this equality we must murder and kill those which have no means to push their views, who do not want war and some are even too young to understand the concept. I can understand struggle but this isn’t that, its punching down where there is no such cause to do so. Killing Palestinians won’t make LGBT rights better in Israel or Palestine.

          2. Agreed. Also, merely supporting LGBTQ+ people is the bare minimum. What do they want? A trophy?

            They may have granted some rights to queer people, but they also violate the Geneva Conventions hourly.

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