F You valvE

Kind of. Valve Corporation known to the world for creating Steam, has recently stuck their heads into a pile of shit. Just a few days ago Valve decided to reboot their most popular game Counter-Strike, but they did it in a way that royally pissed everyone off. They not only removed ALL of the stuff from the original game, but they also merged the new game into the old game page, with all the old content gone the Roughly 7.6 Million reviews are useless as they no longer reflect the new game. With the removal of all the old games, Games like Garry’s Mod, and others no longer function properly. This is just beyond Scummy just pulling a Blizzard and EA.

You may have seen at the start that I said Kind of, This is for a few reasons. They didn’t really remove the old game, they just moved it to a “Beta” branch, now this isn’t the way it should have been done, They should have made a whole new page for the whole new game.

So this is how do you get the Old CS:GO back?

Right Click Counter-Strike 2 -> Properties -> Betas

Beta Participation Change it from None to csgo_demo_viewer

NOTE!: the name is now csgo_legacy

I am the creator of the worst. Gal on the brink of a mental breakdown trying to hold it together. Join me as I riot!

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