Is supporting Palestine antisemitic?

I have seen this sentiment expressed by many Zionists…

Being pro-Palestine does not equate to being anti-Jewish.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is not about eradicating Jews or Israel; it is about advocating for the liberation of Palestinian civilians. They deserve the basic human rights to eat, drink, attend school, and engage in daily activities without fear or deprivation.

Palestine lacks adequate educational institutions and medical facilities, and humanitarian aid efforts are frequently targeted.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have lost their lives, including children and infants, and countless families have been torn apart.

This conflict is a genocide against Palestine.

Let me make this very clear: advocating for the safety and well-being of individuals in Palestine does not, in any way, equate to being antisemitic. Being against violence, oppression, and injustice faced by any group of people, including those in Palestine, is a stance rooted in human rights and empathy, not bigotry. It’s essential to separate criticism of governmental policies or actions from prejudice against any particular ethnic or religious group. My position against harm and suffering in Palestine stems from a commitment to peace and justice, not from any form of prejudice.

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One Remark on “Is supporting Palestine antisemitic?

  1. It is a shame that such a narrative exists in multiple parts. On one hand it is used by the Israeli government to victimise criticism, to equate valid and morally justified criticism of the treatment of the Palestinian people to that of being no better than some discriminatory hatred for Jewish people. On the other hand it is equally fair to say that co-opting by those who are anti-Semitic is equally abhorrent and it should be the case that people state so and actively point it out (and of course it should go without saying but if a random Palestinian is anti-Semitic it does not justify the crimes down to an entire people let alone justify death). I am not nearly knowledgeable enough but the Jewish diaspora are throughout European history some of the most interesting and hard working groups. Be it Budapest or Poland there are always places in which you can find their rich history. I really do find it interesting, the language and culture that develops. If I were to point you in the direction of some interesting Jewish history it would definitely be The Bund (the general Jewish labour bund to be specific). I mention them as apart from their many strives throughout their respective region, they were also an Anti-Zionist political organisation of Jews. These things are not particularly convenient to the Israeli government as still we see today the idea of the “self hating Jew” that has been pushed by pro-israeli accounts to describe those who march for a free Palestine despite being Jewish. They are trying to set the standard that Jews support Israel as something that is fundamental because then the antisemitism claims are more viable. An interesting thing to note you should also check out is Netanyahu’s speech in regards to the ICC’s potential labelling of some of his generals and generally high ranking military officials as war criminals. It’s not particularly new that army’s will cover it (and decorate) their soldiers for war crimes but nevertheless it is (obviously) morally wrong. Wow that was long winded. I need to practice my articulation. Hope all is well.

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