An Update

Back in September, I updated you all on the whole transition, Now that there are enough updates to convince me to make a post, I think a new one is in order.

To start January 26th, 2023. My name was legally changed to Sophia, along with my gender, it has been a very big step but one of the most stressful, It was made needlessly complicated, but it is done… Sort of, I still need to get my Social Security updated, This is all about 3 appointments. First I had to get an ID because I didn’t have one, I needed that to get a name change document notarized, Then I had to get it notarized, that was super easy, Thanks Onpoint CU. Now I have to go to the Socal security office, which hopefully is easy.

Now, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this. I started Estrogen, and on February 11th I picked up my first prescription, of 8 patches changed bi-weekly, This cost about $10 (€9.36) Thanks to the American health system. I am taking vitamin supplements, so I’m all good. I will be making updates here about once a month on changes and complications.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below or message me on any medium listed on

Big Cheers.

I am the creator of the worst. Gal on the brink of a mental breakdown trying to hold it together. Join me as I riot!

2 Remarks on “An Update

  1. No comments allowed on your latest post. Times are indeed tough i feel the same. Don’t give up! people care about you, i sure do and im just a stranger online. I know everyone says that but you’re such a smart and interesting person! tiny steps take each day one at a time and you’ll make it. I know you can! and listen i do care about you random stranger! be safe please! im rooting for ya. respond if you can feel energised too. You can do it trust me.

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