Meet the Homelab – Page 4 – Sophia Atkinson

Meet the Homelab

I’m going to condense my VMs into one page as they are vital.

Let’s start with the most important VM. Scrumpy my web server, this runs all of my websites, including this one, and a few other things

Neofetch for the nerds

Next is my Minecraft server VM.

Running my 1.19.3 Minecraft server

OpenJDK 19.0.1

MariaDB 10.6.11

It also runs a 1.12.2 forge-modded server I play on with my sibling.

Neofetch for the nerds

Now for the final VM, Velvet.

This server is used for reverse proxying things in my house, mostly phpMyAdmin.

Neofetch for the nerds (also it only has 2 cores and 2gb of ram now)

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