New NAS P.2

The long-awaited 2nd part of the new NAS saga! Some things have changed since then, but the system is fundamentally the same, but some parts have been changed.

Here’s the new parts list.

CPU: Intel Core i7-7820X
RAM: 64GB (4x16GB) Hynix 2666Mhz
Cooler: Thermalright Silver Soul 135
Motherboard: Supermicro C9X299-RPGF-L
Case: Antec P101 Silent
PSU: 650w EVGA G5 80+ Gold

Ram was picked because it was cheap and just fine for the job. I went for 16GB modules so I can upgrade to 128GB later if I want to.

I swapped out the cooler because I was nearly exceeding my budget. I needed something cheaper and could handle the TDP of this HEDT chip, unfortunately, it couldn’t… The product page states it can handle up to 220W, but the 140W TDP of the 7820X was overwhelming the poor thing when it was boosting well over 4.6GHz, So I had to downclock it to 4.1GHz, which is fine.

Some of you might recognize this power supply! It is the EVGA G5 from my first full custom build, I decided to upgrade my system’s power supply to 850W, So this server got its hand-me-downs.

In the last post, I never mentioned the drives I would be using, It is 2x Toshiba 6TB SATA (MG04ACA600E) and 1x HGST 6TB SATA (HUS726060ALE610). The HGST was a cold spare I had on hand, and I got the Toshiba’s for about $30 a piece on eBay. I picked up a pair of Micron C400 128GB for the boot drives, as they have been resilient in the handful of deployments I have used them in.

The new system was fairly easy to set up including me finding out the board had IPMI! I could have found this out if I read the manual, but fuck manuals.

Anyway, That’s the end of the new NAS ride, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

hi em if you’re reading this 😁!

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