One year ago

It’s odd to open up a group chat that hasn’t been touched in a year, a friend group shattered. The mention of a project we all worked on together can make the whole group go silent. Files Strewn about, Semi-completed projects left in limbo. It sucks. Fuck cancer.

July 11th, 2022 7:22 AM, Woke up to 100+ messages, and 20 or more phone calls. I give a call back to my friend Wade, “he’s gone.” Having just woken up, I didn’t understand what had happened. Finding out a few minutes later that he had gone into cardiac arrest during recovery and died. There was a movie night I could have joined, and could have talked to him, but I wanted to play Portal.

We all miss you bitch boy Sean.

I am the creator of the worst. Gal on the brink of a mental breakdown trying to hold it together. Join me as I riot!

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