Rare Americans

Last night I saw my favorite band, Rare Americans, at the Hawthorne Theatre, it by far the best concert I have been to, the venue was shit but the show is what I came for. It was so hot in that room but I did not leave once for anything, water, cool air, nothing. I was going to miss nothing.

My wonderful mother got me the limited edition Jamsey boy jersey, so thanks to you mother.

It is so surreal thinking back now, I am now aware of how integrated their music is in my life, Most of their music is on my sleep playlist, and I listen to them constantly, I have never enjoyed a band’s music so much ever. Each song they drop is a banger, some I don’t like but still, no one has been able to do that for me.

They are a “small” band in terms of when I talk about them no one knows who they are. But it’s ok, I like them.

Well, I was able to get some photos and videos between me singing along and jumping.

Until next time,


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