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I have never understood why most parents hide curse words from their kids as if that’s going to work later on. At some ages I understand why not teaching the words would be okay such as at the imitation age, so your kid isn’t going around saying fuck, shit, and so on and so forth. But at a certain age, we should teach them, when to use them, when not to use them, and what they even mean. Because they will be in for a shock when they get cussed at. Cussing is in my blood, I cuss whenever I want where ever I want because they are going to hear it regardless of what I do, so may as well teach them young. Some people teach their kids how to use guns and cursing is the worse thing that could happen, just let them say fuck. It won’t kill them. Might get them killed if they say it to the wrong person. But that’s what God intended. (See how absurd that argument is.) They are words, I think they should be used everywhere, at a point a cussword is a slur or racially intolerant, but if we keep it to the good ones I think we will all be good. Forgot to mention, why are the Teachers such hard arses about curse words at school, it’s probably some administrative bs or some dumb law.

Have a good one, and drink some water

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