Today I saw an ad for the daily wires “documentary” on trans topics. If you don’t know what the daily wire is it’s a company that has no business talking about trans topics. They are the homes of Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Candice Owens. Yesterday they released What is a Woman, I have not watched it because it is paywalled and I refuse to give that company a dime.

Now this “Documentary” was purposefully released on June 1st, It is a blatant attack on trans rights, most would say it’s an opinion. No, no it is not, an opinion is whether pineapple belongs on pizza, this is oppression.

I am upset at youtube for allowing these ads to play to millions on their platform, it has been made abundantly clear that they have no sort of filter.

This “Documentaries” ad has false information from the very beginning, I quote “Women can get a mastectomy at 13.” Not true also don’t call them women you dick nudger, They are men. You cannot get any sort of surgery like that before you are 18 years old, and after a few seconds of research, you would find that it is very false. But he is a conservative and does not know through research from scientifically verified sources. During the trailers which are available on youtube, he interviews people who don’t speak for the whole trans community and if they did he was very rude and they quickly ended the interview.

Trans kids may be able to get hormone blockers to stifle the effects of puberty, to be clear these effects are 100% reversible at any time. Now HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is (depending on your area) only available for ages 16 and older.[1]

Hormones have been widely used on cis kids for many years to help with many different things but only became a problem when trans people started using them to affirm their gender. The same goes with lots of plastic surgery, such as breast asymmetry correction, cis-woman can get this but trans kids can’t get a mastectomy. The same goes for people with breast cancer, they tend to have them removed to stop the spread of cancer. Yet again because a trans person wants it it’s not ok.

It then goes on to talk about ROGD (Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria)

The term ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD)’ is not a medical entity recognized by any major professional association, nor is it listed as a subtype or classification in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) or International Classification of Diseases (ICD).[2]

Trans rights are human rights, full stop.

If you want a better-explained piece on this shit pie please go watch Jammidodger’s very well-put-together video on the topic I will link it here.

[1] Health considerations for gender non-conforming children and transgender adolescents. | Gender Affirming Health Program. (2016, June 17). Retrieved June 2, 2022, from

[2]World Professional Association for Transgender Health position on “rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD).” (n.d.). Retrieved June 2, 2022, from

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