Now over my life, I have been bullied, pretty sure everyone has been bullied at some point in time. But I only started to get bullied when I got into middle school because most kids became real assholes when they got into middle school. I was bullied for really anything visible, my hearing aids were the real problem, not for normal functioning kids, but one kid, Espen. He would make fun of them constantly, It got so bad that I eventually got an in-school no-contact order. But he manipulated me into thinking he had changed after one year, so I chatted up with him again, and that backfired. But hey I’m doing a lot better, I know people run their mouths I have seen it first hand, what I say is let them. They will get tired after a little while and shut up. What you need to know is that if you react they will only continue, because a reaction is what they live off of. If you are getting bullied, it’s not your fault, the person who is doing it just wants some attention because mommy and daddy don’t give it to them at home. Like I said let them talk, but if really gets repetitive, talk to someone, a teacher, a parent, or someone you trust. You may be called a snitch but you need to snitch on bitches.

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