Codsworth End Of Life – Sophia Atkinson

Codsworth End Of Life

Message taken from @CodsworthBot on twitter

“Well after much thinking Codsworth will be closing down to the public, In the next few hours or days, the bot will go private, meaning only the owner can invite it. We are really not wanting to do this but we are scared of the law. It’s been a good run but it’s coming to an end.”


Why was Codsworth abruptly stopped?

  • The real reason was that I was genuinely scared of repercussions from Youtube or Discord. After seeing rythm and groovy getting shut down I decided to do it before legal action.

Will Codsworth ever be back?

  • There is always a big chance that I will bring Codsworth back if the Youtube TOS changes.

What’s Next?

  • No clue I am at a standstill, there is a chance that Codsworth will get reused as a multipurpose bot in the distant future.

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