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I have never understood why most parents hide curse words from their kids as if that’s going to work later on. At some ages I understand why not teaching the words would be okay such as at the imitation age, so your kid isn’t going around saying fuck, shit, and so on and so forth. […]

RIP Seán

Not a great start to the week. Today a good friend of mine and my friend group passed away. He was a great dude, knew everything about storyboarding and making games. In December 2021 he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, and on July 10th he got surgery to remove cancer. Due to complications of which I […]


Before I get started this is going to be more of a rant, rather than a coherent blog post. Where do I even start? Fuck the Second Amendment. It is quite frankly bullshit that in 2022 people are still dying at the hands of some person that stopped by a gun store and picked up […]

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