My NAS P.1

Enough with my Computer let’s get into the nitty-gritty of my home lab, after this, I will be talking about my virtualization server Crater

Meet Tillamook the intern NAS


HP Z420 Workstation Motherboard

Lapped E5-2650v2

Hyper 212 Evo (OG)

32GB 4x8GB, 1600mhz

ATI 2400 (This board needs video out to boot :/ lowest TDP card I could get for cheap)

3x1TB HDDs in a RAIDZ1 and another 1TB as a hot spare. 240GB boot drive and 120GB cache drive.

EVGA W3 400w

Corsair 200r

Now I hate most of this setup, But here is my road plan for my NAS.

I bought 2 16GB Optane drives to replace the %40 degraded boot drive.

I want to get an LSI 9211-8i so I can get 4 6TB SAS drives.

When the time comes I want to upgrade to 10 Gigabit, for those fast transfers.

Im going to swap the PSU in my main system and put my 650w in my NAS.

I started with using Truenas Core but I recently moved to Truenas Scale, because one uses FreeBSD and the other uses Debian. Support for Docker and hardware encoding, and a more versatile ecosystem.

Hope you have a good day, if you have a home lab tell me about it in the comments below.


Sophia Atkinson
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One Remark on “My NAS P.1

  1. It’s coming along strong, The things you listed are things I would suggest.

    Also, When it comes to my NAS, I have 2 servers, one for bulk storage and one for immediate storage.
    For Bulk storage, I have a Storinator Q30 !Turbo!
    Xeon Gold 6230R
    512GB 2993mhz
    30x18TB Exos drives 3 RaidZ1s so I can lose up to 3 drives, it gives me about 486TB of usable storage.
    2x32GB Optane Drives to boot.
    It wasn’t cheap but it’s by endgame NAS.
    For immediate storage im running a Stornado Turbo
    Xeon Silver 4210
    128GB 2933mhz
    16×7.6TB Micron Pro 5300 SSDs
    2x32GB Optane Drives to boot.

    all running Truenas
    All of its overkill but I just needed something that would just work.

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