Sub.Sub.Root.Com With SSL?

I wanted for my server’s web panel but there was a problem I could not get an SSL to work. Even when I got a wildcard certificate i.e. * this covers every subdomain on

How do you get it to work?

Great question I have wondered for months, how you do it is getting a wildcard for your subdomain, You can do this with DigiCert or whatever but I’m going the free route with Let’s Encrypt.

First, you need a domain I’m going to use my friend’s domain for this tutorial, and I will also be using aaPanel for this as well it’s free and it works.

Im using but you use your domain.

Now, this resolves In the browser but it’s not secure regardless of having a wildcard certificate.

If you are using take and add an asterisk making it *

now make an issue a cert to *

Now I have an SSL issued to *

Now it says it’s secured!

Thanks for reading this I hope it worked for you if you need help feel free to message me on Discord or leave a comment.

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