2021 Developer Recap

2021 was a wild year for me as a developer, I have started a lot of projects but I have also discontinued a lot of them. I will be going through the projects. Why I started them, Are they still running, And How they have been doing.

Codsworth: I finished it in mid-January and it was actually doing very well, But then September struck with a dilemma, keep Codsworth running or risk cease and desist from Google, Inc. So I too shut down the root, It sucked to do. Something I had worked so hard on and spent so much money on was closed because of big corporations.

Project Firewatch: I started this one because of my love for the game Firewatch by Campo Santo. I wanted to make something that I could build with people in the community, That has been going pretty good in terms it’s still running. I have just partnered with Waters Technology to really take this project one step further. I have some plans that are kind of in the air as of right now but I would definitely like to execute them at some point. Project Firewatch has a platform and I would like to use it for something that could really help. It’s something I don’t see these days Fire safety and fire prevention when I was younger It was talked about constantly, We had Smokey Bear, but I rarely see him nowadays. This concerns me, the world is full of idiots, and not teaching the aforementioned things seems like a recipe for disaster.

SOP.wtf: This was started because I hated all of the link shorteners that are around, Most of them have popups or sketchy ads on them, so I said fuck it I will make my own. So I did buy Sop.wtf because it was short, and I installed YOURLS on my server, along with that I used a theme called sleekly to make it look better and have a frontend so you could make links. This has been doing pretty good, 400+ links, 2,000+ clicks across them all.

The Minecraft Server: I brought it back, mainly because I missed it, but also because a lot of people did, It is way cooler than it was before. I did lose the domain but stuff happens, I won’t be shutting It down because I regretted doing it last time.

Well, we have reached the end, I have talked about everything I wanted to talk about. Most of these were started to deal with Depression, More in-depth posts coming soon. I have also changed these recaps from monthly to yearly as not a lot of stuff happens in one month for a dedicated post.

Thanks for reading!!

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