Inside Identity – Sophia Atkinson

Inside Identity

Well, today I did a thing, I came out as Transgender if you could not tell from the post image, I have been thinking and thinking and came to the conclusion that I was trans. It went very smoothly with my mom, but my dad still does not know, and I don’t think that will go well. (Don’t want to get into it publicly). Irl it went great, but online it went even better, my friends were cool about it, oh wait all of my friends on discord are LGBTQ, well that’s beside the point.

A lot will change, not this site yet I paid a lot for this domain I will use it until it expires.


I would like you to use my new name Sophia please use this with She/Her pronouns. If you have a problem with this please get the hell off my site and go cry. Thanks for reading.

See ya later!

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