Monthly Developer Recap – Sophia Atkinson

Monthly Developer Recap

This month has been crazy when it comes to making cool shit, I let my mom use webspace on my server to host her website(s) including her own eCommerce site. You may ask “Sophia why would you do that?” well I did it because I love my mom and I saw the ridiculous prices on most web hosts. On it is $45 per month paid yearly, and that comes out to $540. So I put on my server, put her domain on Cloudflare for the SSL, added WooCommerce, did some theme changes, and some adjustments, then boom it was done.

Discord Bots!

I have been running my own discord music bot for about a year now, I coded the bot when I was learning to code, the very first versions were awful, they were broken, didn’t start, or no sound would play. But with some help from the coding community, the bot was perfected, in October of 2020 the bot was finally done and %100 done. The bot is known as Codsworth, and it is written in node.js. I have run very many bots in my time, but Codsworth is the only one that is still running.


This is where stuff gets sad for me, 2 weeks ago as of writing this, I closed my Minecraft server. The server was very inactive, and I felt it was best to close it, I will be writing a blog about how it came to be, as it is a cluster fuck.


I have been very fortunate on all of the things I have been able to do as a Dev, I have worked on tons of projects with lots of people, I have made and lost a lot of friends. Anyways thanks for reading this there will be another one next month.

My mom’s sites

4 thoughts on “Monthly Developer Recap

    1. Hey Paul thanks for checking out the site, I hope your doing good, cant wait to work on Optain with you and the guys. But I knew the server was going to close, and it did.

  1. Hello Sophia so glad to see you working with the community to make a great bot. also heard about Optain, I cannot wait to see the outcome! PS I will put you at the top of the list for verification.

    1. Omg Hi. Thank you so much for that, It is cool to see that Discord really cares about the community, and I can’t wait to see the outcome of the bot as well. Thanks for commenting that really means a lot.

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